Creating meaningful moments

Creating meaningful moments by Andrew Iraniha It was past midnight and I was sitting in my car, driving back home. I just finished a robotic surgery on a very sick patient with perforated intestine who wouldn’t survive without the operation. His daughters were concerned but happy and grateful that the operation was successful. Outside was…

Relationships & Beauty of Yoga

Relationships & Beauty of Yoga

Relationships & Beauty of Yoga Words and actions in our relationships are extremely powerful and could affect us deeply. Our brain is designed to capture and process these clues and subsequently appraise them, based on our beliefs, values and experiences. We are hard wired to automatically see the negativeness in everything, in order to protect…

Let Go Of Expectations

Let Go Of Expectations

Let Go Of Expectations Heartbroken and disappointed, few years ago, I decided to look into myself, as always, to find the solution. I realized when we are born into this universe, in reality no one has any obligation towards us and if we are treated and taken care of well, it’s just a blessing. I…

Happiness is a choice

Happiness is a choice and demand individual responsibility There are three elements that could determine our happiness. First is genetic, responsible for formation of a set point or baseline of happiness within us and accounts for 50% of how happy we feel. The other factor is life circumstances which account for 10% of our happiness.…

It is November again! Grateful

It Is November Again!

It Is November Again! by Dr. Iraniha It is November again! My son came to stay with us a few days ago for the Thanksgiving break. Today, after having lunch together he went to his room to study. I was sitting on the couch, looking through the window, calm, quiet with no pain. It was…

happiness from a surgeons perspective

Happiness from a surgeon`s perspective

It was 2 am and I was driving towards the emergency room, extremely exhausted and run-down. The day before I worked more than sixteen hours straight and went to bed at almost midnight, when an hour later I had to wake up with a phone call from the emergency room physician, asking me to see an extremely sick patient with perforated stomach ulcer. It was a matter of life and death and the time was an essence.

Fictitious-Mark By Dr Iraniha

Fictitious Mark

Fictitious Mark by Dr Iraniha My name was “Abdolsaeed”. I really don’t know what my mom was thinking when fifty two years ago she decided to name me that. It never made any sense since my entire family and I are Persian and speak Farsi but the name “Abdolsaeed” is an Arabic name and my…