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“Compassion, Connection, Care, Kindness”

ALERTS: Justified textIn recent decades there have been significant changes in health care system and how medicine has been practiced. Health care is a giant, mysterious machine, with increasing policies, procedures, cost-containing regulations and maximizing efficiency efforts. The priorities in health care have changed and allowed much less time for interactions among patients and health care professionals. Therefore, their angelic relationship has been crumbled and a mistrust has been created. The medical practice in majority of cases is algorithm base medicine with a little or no flavor of humanity. This has resulted exhausted and unhappy health care professionals and dissatisfied patients. In order to alleviate this problem we must restore the humanity in our care. The four most important pillars of humanity that must be applied in our practice are compassion, connection, care and kindness. By merging the high quality patient care with the essence of humanity we could treat the patient illness, create an outstanding patient experience, capture the patient’s heart and soul and develop a long lasting loyalty and trust. However, creating a remarkable patient experience in health care is connected and interdependent on health professional experience which requires a universal movement of change in the culture of the healthcare towards humanity.

ALERTS: Justified textThis blog is advocating for the restoring the essence of humanity into health care. The idea is to share ‘stories’ of compassion, human connection, care, and kindness with colleagues and our patients. The acknowledgment of these acts would encourage us to do more, to promote our bond for an incredible cause and improve our relationship with patients.

ALERTS: Justified textSharing the stories of humanity towards the patient and towards other member of the health care team might be more crucial now, than ever before.

“Share your stories and your experiences of humanity in patient care”

A Culture of Intelligent Compassion by Dr. Eric Olsen Ph.D.

A Culture of Intelligent Compassion by Dr. Eric Olson

A Culture of Intelligent Compassion by Dr. Eric Olson All too often caregivers can create unintended consequences as a result of well-meaning but misguided efforts to be compassionate. This can happen at the bedside, unit, institution, government, and/or national level. How can one be compassionate but also be aware of the consequences of compassion? Dr.…


Oasis4humanity-Changing the culture in health care-Dr Iraniha

Changing the culture in health care

“PHPEP” is all about creating a new culture in health care system where wellbeing of health professionals and patient experience are the main mission. This idea is based on a belief that these elements are link to each other and feed from one another. Establishing a new culture in our health care system with all its complexities, priorities and struggles is an extremely difficult task and will requires time and personal and institutional commitment and effort.


Creating Hope - Oasis 4Humanity

Creating Hope

Creating Hope Our brain is such an amazing and intriguing structure. Our powerful brain with its incredible and endless potential is the main source of aiding us through pain, struggles, difficulties and disappointments. For instance, hope is something that our brain creates. Hope is not something that you are born with or miraculously has granted…


Creating meaningful moments by Andrew Iraniha

Creating meaningful moments

Creating meaningful moments by Andrew Iraniha It was past midnight and I was sitting in my car, driving back home. I just finished a robotic surgery on a very sick patient with perforated intestine who wouldn’t survive without the operation. His daughters were concerned but happy and grateful that the operation was successful. Outside was…


Dealing with loss

Dealing with loss

Dealing With Loss It was Thursday August 22, at 1:30 pm, when I was driving to attend a meeting, my brother called me and gave me the dreadful and heartbreaking news of my mother’s passing. It felt like suddenly part of my heart was taken from me. I felt an excruciating pain in my entire…


Oasis4Humanity- Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence

What is Emotional intelligence Emotional intelligence is a skill that can be trained and strengthened. Some of those practices that could improve and promote the emotional intelligence are as follow: be more attentive to our emotions and emotions of others, be mindful, pause and calm down our nerves, anticipate the result of our action and…


Emotions intelligence and health care

Emotions play an essential role in our lives. Every one of us experiences many different emotions and witnesses the emotions of others on a daily basis. Emotions contain messages and serve special purposes to guide us to survive and flourish in life.


Facing life struggles is hard but not always detrimental by Andrew Iraniha

Facing life struggles is hard but not always detrimental

Facing life struggles is hard but not always detrimental. By Ari Iraniha The year is 1992 and George H.W. Bush is the president. Andrew has just immigrated from his beloved hometown Tehran, to the great bustling city of Angels, Toronto. With his mind securely set on where he wanted to end up, career wise, Andrew…


Fictitious-Mark By Dr Iraniha

Fictitious Mark

Fictitious Mark by Dr Iraniha My name was “Abdolsaeed”. I really don’t know what my mom was thinking when fifty two years ago she decided to name me that. It never made any sense since my entire family and I are Persian and speak Farsi but the name “Abdolsaeed” is an Arabic name and my…