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“Compassion, Connection, Care, Kindness”

In recent decades there have been significant changes in health care system and how medicine has been practiced. Health care is a giant, mysterious machine, with increasing policies, procedures, cost-containing regulations and maximizing efficiency efforts. The priorities in health care have changed and allowed much less time for interactions among patients and health care professionals. Therefore, their angelic relationship has been crumbled and a mistrust has been created. The medical practice in majority of cases is algorithm base medicine with a little or no flavor of humanity. This has resulted exhausted and unhappy health care professionals and dissatisfied patients. In order to alleviate this problem we must restore the humanity in our care. The four most important pillars of humanity that must be applied in our practice are compassion, connection, care and kindness. By merging the high quality patient care with the essence of humanity we could treat the patient illness, create an outstanding patient experience, capture the patient’s heart and soul and develop a long lasting loyalty and trust. However, creating a remarkable patient experience in health care is connected and interdependent on health professional experience which requires a universal movement of change in the culture of the healthcare towards humanity.

This blog is advocating for the restoring the essence of humanity into health care. The idea is to share ‘stories’ of compassion, human connection, care, and kindness with colleagues and our patients. The acknowledgment of these acts would encourage us to do more, to promote our bond for an incredible cause and improve our relationship with patients.

Sharing the stories of humanity towards the patient and towards other member of the health care team might be more crucial now, than ever before.

“Share your stories and your experiences of humanity in patient care”

Let Go Of Expectations

Let Go Of Expectations

Let Go Of Expectations Heartbroken and disappointed, few years ago, I decided to look into myself, as always, to find the solution. I realized when we are born into this universe, in reality no one has any obligation towards us and if we are treated and taken care of well, it’s just a blessing. I…


Dr. Iraniha - It’s time for unity, peace and equality

It’s time for unity, peace and equality.

It’s time for unity, peace and equality. It’s time for unity, peace and equality. Let’s put aside our superficial differences, our color, race, gender, religion and political beliefs. We can’t allow those differences define us as who we are as a human being, what we represent in this world and what we contribute to this…


It is November again! Grateful

It Is November Again!

It Is November Again! by Dr. Iraniha It is November again! My son came to stay with us a few days ago for the Thanksgiving break. Today, after having lunch together he went to his room to study. I was sitting on the couch, looking through the window, calm, quiet with no pain. It was…


I Am Still Grateful By Andrew Iraniha

I Am Still Grateful!

I Am Still Grateful! I need to just observe now, not focus on the past and question why it happened and heighten my frustration and anger, not read through the projections and predictions and by giving these information too much value, raise my anxiety and fear. I just need to be observant for now, try…


Happiness is a choice

Happiness is a choice and demand individual responsibility There are three elements that could determine our happiness. First is genetic, responsible for formation of a set point or baseline of happiness within us and accounts for 50% of how happy we feel. The other factor is life circumstances which account for 10% of our happiness.…


happiness from a surgeons perspective

Happiness from a surgeon`s perspective

It was 2 am and I was driving towards the emergency room, extremely exhausted and run-down. The day before I worked more than sixteen hours straight and went to bed at almost midnight, when an hour later I had to wake up with a phone call from the emergency room physician, asking me to see an extremely sick patient with perforated stomach ulcer. It was a matter of life and death and the time was an essence.